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Wild Oats & Honey Mask Facial


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1 Treatment $69
Package of 3 $169

Oats are the natural resource fiber and packed with unlimited health benefits, including cancer protection and maintaining cholesterol levels. Besides various properties, oats are also known for various skin benefits when applied topically. It is one of the most favorite ingredients used in skin treatments and facial mask products. Flawless and glowing skin is not in your wishful thinking but is a reality with this wonderful ingredient called wild oats.

Another amazing element that is essential for your skincare custom if you want to feel and look like million bucks is honey. Honey has incredible antibacterial properties and a heavy serving of anti-oxidants that saves skin. If you like to have a potent skin treatment, then raw honey is there to help you in regaining the glow of your skin.

The wild oats and honey are when combined give a powerful combination of beauty benefit that enhances the clarified, calm and deep hydrated look of your skin. It makes a creamy and mild mask that is dripping with organic honey which is natural humectants and supportive, soothing organic wild oats which provide a silky soft, calmed and hydrated skin.

Benefits of Wild Oats and Honey Facial Mask

Amazing Amino Acids

Around eighteen amino acids are contained in oats that are highly required for healthy skin. These wonderful nutrients are building blocks for the body, promote healing and helps to rebuild tissues. In a wild oats facial mask, the face absorbs the amino acid and makes it an ideal ingredient to repair the damaged skin and aids in healing blemishes.

Essential Exfoliant

The granular and coarse texture of wild oat formulates it as an efficient exfoliant. The exfoliation process sloughs away dead, dry and flaky skin and makes a new way for healthy and fresh ones. The facial that contains wild oats as an essential ingredient exfoliates and the amino acids that encourage the skin growth gives extra moisture required by the facial skin. This perfect combination promotes younger and vibrant looking skin.

Mandatory Moisturizing

Wild oats solely do not act as a moisturizer however its beneficial moisturizing component makes it a great moisturizer. Oat being a humectant helps to retain the moisture of your skin. The oats when used in combination with some excellent skin hydrating agents it helps you to regain the dewy and glowing appearance of your skin.


Oats are hypoallergenic which means it has remarkable properties of skin soothing. Oat is when combined with other products it gives the healthy benefits to sensitive skin and skin with allergies. It also helps to assuage allergic reactions and rashes plus sunburn and further skin damage.


The clarifying properties of honey make it a remarkable cleanser that opens up pores and makes easy unclogging.


Honey being an antibacterial agent is essential for acne prevention and treatment.

Boost in Complexion

The glow of the skin can be achieved by honey as it is extremely soothing and moisturizing.


The aging process is slowed down greatly with honey as it is packed with antioxidants.

Eczema Treatment

Oats are the best skin supplement that treats eczema. The facial mask of honey and wild oat will help you to prevent eczema and even treat it.

Anna Aesthetics offers deep nourishing treatment with wild oats and honey mask facial that provides magical and synergetic results. A perfect combination of handpicked ingredients with high-tech facial treatment maximizes the skin nourishment while deep cleansing your skin through a relaxing facial.

We pamper your skin and provide it the rewarding treatment which is deserved. So, give your skin a revitalization treat, visit our office at Tampa for premium skin care treatment to get the amazing results.

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