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MSI Treatment (Minor Skin Irregularities)


Our Prices

Dilated Capillaries$25+
Spider Naevi$45 – $150
Cherry Angioma$25 – $35
Skin Tag$25 – $60
Skin Tag with Stalk$45 – $70
Small Fibroma$30 – $65
Large Fibroma$70 – $150
Small Keratosis$30+
Large Keratosis$50+
Sebaceous Hyperplasia$25 – $45
Milia$15 – $25
Milia on Eyelid$120

A wide range of common minor skin irregularities that are common among both men and women such as fibroma, sebaceous, and minor vascular related irregularities can be treated with the LAMPROBE. The best part is that treatments are rather quick and only take anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds. In fact, they offer instantaneous results within a single treatment.
Some of the skin conditions that have been effectively treated include acne, pimples, fibromas, skin tags, spider naevi, cherry angiomas, clogged pores, cholesterol deposits, milia, and telangiectasia. These conditions only become more prevalent as you age. Although the conditions might seem cosmetic in nature, they tend to be bothersome, especially to those wanting to achieve an attractive appearance and flawless skin.


Non-Invasive with Minimum Discomfort

The main reason why the LAMPROBE has become incredibly popular is because it is non-invasive and causes minimum discomfort. It utilizes radio frequency technology for the treatment of minor skin abnormalities. The best thing about the treatment is that it does not penetrate into the skin. Thus, the discomfort experienced by individuals that decide to undergo the procedure is tolerable. The sensation procedure resembles that of a tight pinch against the skin. This means that aging skin, thin skin, and sensitive skin will not come in the way of treatment. You can expect to be comfortably treated. As for the intensity of the procedure, it can be easily adjusted. It explains why no anesthesia is used.


Vascular Irregularities

The thing about vascular irregularities is that they can appear in different forms. The reason why they are a cause of concern is because they tend to be noticeable among thin-skinned and fair skinned individuals. They are present on the upper level of the skin and are superficial in nature. It is common for vascular irregularities to appear on the face. However, some of them like cherry angiomas even appear on the torso and chest. Common conditions like spider naevi, cherry angiomas, and dilated capillaries fall under this category.


Sebaceous Irregularities

There are also sebaceous irregularities that appear on the t-zone area of the face along with the scalp. They include pimples, milia, clogged pores, and cholesterol deposits as well as cysts. Dietary lifestyle and family history tend to contribute towards these irregularities. Sebaceous hyperplasia also falls in this category. It is a distinct sebaceous irregularity that resembles the shape of a donut.


Hyperkerantized Irregularities

Common skin growths that may appear all over the body and face include keratosis and skin tags. Similar to most minor skin irregularities, hyperkerantinized irregularities increase as one grows older. They normally develop in middle age or old age. Among those you can find skin tags, fibromas, keratosis and others.



Advantages of Undergoing LAMPROBE

  • Minimum client discomfort
  • Immediate results
  • Non-invasive
  • Rapid treatment time
  • Effective use for all skin types and tones
  • Treats a variety of common minor skin conditions
  • Manufactured in the United States which means that it is in line with the highest quality standards
  • Suitable for aging skins, thinner skins, and sensitive skins
  • No anesthesia is required

MSI Treatment (Minor Skin Irregularities) Reviews from Our Clients

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