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Permanent Make Up


Our Prices

+shading $50
Ombre Powder
/Powder Brows$499
Combo Brows$499
Lip Blushing$499
Touch Up
(25-90 days)$150

Nipples Reconstruction:

First session$349
Second session$249
Third session
(if needed)$149

Scars Camouflage


Stretch Marks Camouflage


The application of makeup, for some, is a daily ritual used to enhance natural beauty or boost confidence. This ritual can be time-consuming and over time can be very expensive. If you are someone who enjoys the look of makeup enhancement but would like to reduce the time and money spent on makeup application, permanent makeup is a great solution.

Another name for permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing. The pigments used in the permanent makeup process are custom blended to achieve your desired result. Like traditional tattooing, permanent makeup is placed under the upper dermal layer of the skin, leaving a permanent pigment behind for a long-term solution. Some individuals choose only one area of focus, which others prefer to wake up ready to go without any prep time at all.

  • Eyebrows– Permanent makeup is an excellent solution for those with thinning eyebrows due to chronic overplucking or age.
  • Lips– Permanent lipstick can be applied in your ideal custom shade, leaving your lips looking fuller and fresher. This process can also help correct the look of uneven lips.


At Euro Spa Center we offer 3 techniques for eyebrows PMU

1. Microblading

Microblading is tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Microblading differs from standard eyebrow tattooing because each hairstroke is created by hand using a blade which creates fine slices in the skin, whereas eyebrow tattoos are done with a machine and single needle bundle. Microblading is typically used on eyebrows to create, enhance or reshape their appearance in terms of both shape and color. It deposits pigment into the upper region of the dermis, so it fades more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques, which deposit pigment deeper. During the microblading process, the technician applies hand-drawn hair strokes meticulously into the epidermal layer of the skin using a hand tool and pigment. For microblading, the specialist dips the hand tool into pigment and then delicately applies it to the skin as individual hair strokes. Microblading mimics realistic hair-like strokes, which are designed to flow like a natural eyebrow. The microblading look works great for clients who want to fill in gaps in the brow line or create brows where hair has been lost. We often recommend microblading for fair-skinned, fair-haired clients hoping to achieve a natural look.

For clients with oily skin, microblading strokes may fade faster, need more touch ups or expand a little. If you have oily skin, we recommend powdered brows or a combination brow.


2. Powder Eyebrows / Ombre Powder Eybrows

Powdered brows can be done with a machine or hand tool in order to create an ombre look instead of individual hair strokes. We recommend powdered brows for individuals with oily skin, mature skin, and for those wanting a soft makeup look. The soft makeup look means that the tails of the brows are darker and fade to a lighter at the start of the brows, giving them a subtle look. The ideal candidates for powdered brows are those who have hair, but fill in with makeup. If you have thinner brows, we can add in hair strokes after for additional texture. Powdered brows traditionally last for 2-4 years while microblading usually lasts 2-3 years.

3. Combo Eyebrows

For clients wanting both the look of microblading hair strokes and shaded, powdered brows, we are happy to offer combination brows to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of. For combination brows, our technician uses some strokes to create a natural hair look and then adds in soft shading through the rest of the brow. Strokes are usually drawn around the edges where they’ll be the most visible and then powered shading is added to the body of the brow to give it a full look that retains a beautiful shape every day.


Microblading, powder brows and combination brows are all great ways to get the eyebrows you’ve worked so hard to create with makeup. Choosing one of these cosmetic tattooing styles results in maintenance-free, beautiful brows. Wake up and go without having to fill in your brows each morning.


Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a type of semipermanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles.

While also sometimes called lip tattooing, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art. Lip blushing focuses on altering both color and shape to create younger-looking lips.

Everyone’s lips are different, and there’s no one standard of beauty. But if you would like to change the appearance or color of your lips, you may be interested in lip blushing.

A lip blushing procedure is similar to lip tattooing. It’s accomplished in the following way:

  1. First, your provider will numb your lips so that you’ll feel less pain and discomfort.
  2. While you’re waiting for the numbing agent to take full effect, your provider will go over your desired lip shape and tone, as well as any sketches that need your approval.
  3. Next, they’ll insert a natural-looking pigment into your lips using small needles. This is done in multiple layers to help create an even tone.
  4. In all, the process can take between 1 and 3 hours.


  • If a client has ever had (even if years ago) a fever blister, cold sore, shingles or chicken pox, it is recommended you obtain a prescribed anti-viral medication from your doctor. Fever blisters are very common as a side effect of lip tattooing. For healthy lip tissue it is not a bad idea to pre-moisten lips by first exfoliating lightly with a new soft toothbrush and applying a healing ointment like Vaseline.
  • If you have extra dry skin, consider getting a basic facial a week prior to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • All professional tweezing, waxing or tinting of eyebrow hairs should be done no more than 72 hours prior to a procedure. Please avoid any depilatory or bleaching agents on your lips pre and post lip tattooing.
  • Please only use clean or new mascara, makeup or lipstick after all procedures. It is important to not be exposed to bacteria. This can cause a secondary infection.
  • It is important to not have sunburn prior to and after any procedures. This includes tanning beds.
  • All clients must be off treat acne and sun-damaged skin 30 days prior to all procedures. Clients must be off Accutane for one year prior to all procedures.
  • Please avoid any alcohol 48 hours prior to all procedures.
  • Try to avoid the following things unless medically needed prior to all procedures: aspirin or similar products, alcohol, Niacin and Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba, Saint John’s Wart or Evening Primrose Oil.
  • Avoid wearing any makeup on the day of procedure including mascara.



Eyebrow After Care

  • Please apply after care ointment for 7 to 10 days. Do not let the brows get dry and crusty. Some swelling, redness or itching is normal and to be expected. Only apply ointment twice a day with a clean Q-tip. Only a small amount is needed to occlude the eyebrow area. Keep clean and avoid sun, pools, and direct water pressure. Do not pick or rub the area. Brows will oxidize and get darker before they soften in healing. This is normal! Do not wear any makeup for 72 hours on brow area.

Lip Liner and Full Lip After Care

  • Lips will feel swollen and very dry after your treatment. Apply after-care ointment on lips several times a day. This should be done for at least 14 days post-treatment. Do not allow lips to become dry. This may interfere with healed color. During the day if lips feel dry, apply a liberal amount of ointment. Just tap on skin and do not rub in.
  • Always use a clean Q-tip, not fingers to apply ointment to the lips area. This will reduce the risk of secondary infection. It is advised to sleep on an old pillowcase. There will be residual pigment coming off the lips for several days that can stain linens.
  • After lips are no longer tender to the touch, they may become flaky. This is normal and is expected. Please do not pick or scratch at them. This may significantly reduce the amount pigment uptake. Avoid the sun and tanning beds pre and post procedure. Be sure to use a sun block once lips are healed. Do not use any Glycolic, Hydroxy or fruit acid products on lips. Avoid direct water pressure, pools and other bodies of water until healed. Please be advised it is a good idea to brush your teeth with just water for 72 hours, post treatment. You can resume wearing lipstick once lips are healed. It is advised to use a new lipstick after all lip treatments. Redness, swelling, tenderness, dryness are all common post treatment side effects and will dissipate in a short period of time. Avoid oily, salty, acidic foods and alcohol while healing.
  • Lips are a muscle and will need 1 to 3 sessions to complete the process of this procedure. Lips are unpredictable. Some clients will yield very strong healed lip color. Others will only heal with slight color uptake. This will vary on an individual basis. Clients with sun damage, scar tissue (from injury or fever blisters) and clients with implants may not have strong results. Hyperpigmentation can happen on any lip client without warning. Fever Blisters are a known side effect of all lip procedures. Clients are asked to go to their doctor or dentist for an anti-viral medication prior to any lip procedure, to help avoid an outbreak. Follow all before and after instructions after all lip treatments. Lip retouch must be scheduled 30 to 45 days apart from initial season to help with color retention.
  • Lips heal in three stages: Too dark – Too light – Just right. This takes one month to happen. Please avoid any friction to lip area.


*Prices are subject to change and personalized prices will be provided upon consultation.

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