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Facial Rejuvenation and Cellulite Reduction

A person’s face is usually the first thing people notice. If you were to make a guess at a certain individual’s age, you’d probably look for wrinkles and sagging skin to consider them old. When you hit the age range of the 30’s, striving to look young and fresh is the ultimate goal of most individuals. We either hit the stores to buy anti-aging crèmes, serums or face masks. Some even go to extremes of performing cosmetic surgical procedures or the ever popular Botox injection fillers.

What if we told you that a non-invasive technique exists to help halt the aging process, making you look younger and bursting with self-confidence?

Radiofrequency is the one innovative technique that we at Anna Esthetics have introduced to help our clients out. Let’s take a glance at what skin treatments revolving around the use of radiofrequency is all about.

What is Radiofrequency energy treatment?

Treatments involving the use of radio waves have been developed as a non-surgical way of treating signs of early aging. The following points help to summarize what this sort of treatment entails.

  • Radiofrequency energy treatment is used to help treat loose and sagging skin in those individuals who prefer to opt for a non-invasive means of treatment
  • It is a form of treatment that utilizes radio waves at low frequencies to help treat problems related to skin laxity. In other words, it performs facial skin tightening.
  • Great option for individuals who are in the age range of mid 30’s to 50’s
  • Radiofrequency energy procedure can treat any skin color
  • Ideal candidates include those who fall under the category of having mild to moderate lagging of facial skin
  • Radiofrequency energy treatment aims to involve certain desirable target areas. This includes the following: neck, mid-face, cheeks, jaw line, under eye areas, and the forehead.


Radiofrequency Treatment for facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation through radiofrequency energy can be brought about by the following mechanism:

  1. The patient’s face is cleansed to make it oil and makeup free
  2. A substance known as a coupling gel is applied on the patient’s face so as to act as a barrier between the device and the patient’s skin layers.
  3. Radiofrequency signals in low doses is then applied on the patient’s facial skin, moving across the different areas in slow motion


Radiofrequency treatment Results

  • Many patients feel the results as soon as the first session is over. The skin feels tighter and more firm.
  • Greater results of skin tightening can be seen months after the treatment procedure has been performed. It is a slow process, requiring patience from the client.
  • Results are said to last up to a couple of years.

Radiofrequency treatment –The unlimited benefits

  • Non-invasive procedure, avoiding the use of needles
  • Results observed within single treatment session, provided patient is below 60 years
  • Helps tighten forehead skin and lifts the brow area
  • Works to tighten skin under the eyes, reducing baggy under eye areas
  • Reduces enlarged pores in the cheek area
  • Reduces sagging of areas along the jaw line
  • Reduces wrinkling of the neck by tightening skin in that region
  • Lower in cost when compared to cosmetic surgical procedures. At Anna Esthetics, the following discounted packages are on offer:

Book your appointments for the radiofrequency skin rejuvenation treatment at the nearest date and join us at Anna Esthetics to get that desirable youthful skin you’ve always dreamt of.

Radiofrequency Reviews from Our Clients

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Donna Smith

The best spa I have been to. Anna and Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. The spa offers a wide range of services at great affordable prices. The facility is always very clean and most of all very relaxing. Thank you for doing such a great job and keep up the great work....

Jesse R.

Anna is very professional and caring. She answered all my questions and was very supportive. Also the place is cleaned and organized.I would not hesitate to recommend friends and family. I have tried 3 different treatments and she is awesome!!! Thanks Anna :)

Kim Perry

Anna is very knowledgeable about all procedures and makes you feel relaxed in a spa-like environment. The Ultrasonic and Radiofrequency treatments are wonderful and very effective!

Melissa Sue Birss

I enjoyed working with Anna and she was very knowledgeable about the procedures and explain how it worked beforehand and make me feel more comfortable. I was very excited that I did lose an inch right off the bat I will definitely be back and referring more people

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