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Intimate Skincare for Men: Manjacial


Our Prices

1 Treatment $99

Experience manjacial—intimate care tailored for men! At EuroSpa Center, we are thrilled to present you a brand-new service for our male audience. Skin care for intimate areas is no less important than your regular facial.

Some conditions may be treated in a session thanks to our professional touch. Nevertheless, other intimate care examples show that ingrown hair, blackheads and clogged pores may cause irritations, discomfort and even become a hub for bacteria spreading. We specialize in both cases, treating problems and preventing their appearance.

What is Manjacial?

Manjacial is an absolutely non-invasive topical spa treatment. It is a wonderful solution for getting rid of ingrown hear, pigmentation, individual skin conditions and issues that may decrease your self-confidence and have a negative impact on your intimate life.

Sometimes, male intimate waxing isn’t enough, or it may cause irritation in the genital area, so we have mixed all the workable techniques to get one procedure that really solves men’s problems. At EuroSpa Center, we are committed to provide wholly customized experiences, so be sure that your personal manjacial procedure will address your current skin needs.

What to Expect: Full Procedure Overview

After entering the spa, you can fully relax and entrust your intimate care journey to our qualified estheticians. Our manjacial in Tampa includes:

    • gentle cleansing ritual
    • delicate enzyme exfoliation
    • relaxing steam session
    • luxurious hot towel wrap
    • precise ingrown hair and blackheads extractions (if necessary)
    • advanced high-frequency therapy (if necessary)
    • calming mask application
    • skin illuminating serum or targeted spot treatment


After the treatment, our skilled estheticians will advise you on the appropriate men’s intimate care products and routine. You will leave the spa in 45–50 minutes with rejuvenated skin, a feeling of lightness and unparalleled self-love.

Why Book Manjacial Intimate Care at EuroSpa Center

While searching for «manjacial near me», it’s reasonable to pay attention to the professionalism, expertise and individual approach to every guest. Choosing EuroSpa Center, you opt for a dedicated team of specialists that will provide you with the best men’s skincare set for intimate areas.

You can count on our expertise and entrust the most delicate issues. At our spa, you will get an all-in-one consultation along with the best men’s skincare routine that fully matches your needs.

Intimate Skincare for Men: Manjacial Reviews from Our Clients

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