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Anti-Migraine Massage + Aroma Therapy (45 min)


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You can find people with migraines everywhere. Headaches spoil our life: we lose the ability to think clearly, work productively and even sleep calmly. We also become more aggressive and nervous, which ruins our relationships with friends and colleagues. Frequent migraine attacks may catch you at the least suitable moment, when you are not prepared.

Allopathic medicine isn’t as effective as we expect. Pharmacies sell us hundreds kinds of painkillers. Of course, headache medications can help, but they remove only the spasm, not the root of a problem.

To get rid of it, you should get a complex healing therapy. Improve it with stress reduction, healthy diet and active lifestyle.

To treat headaches we at Anna Esthetics offer the unique massage therapy. It will definitely help you to get rid of undesirable pain and spend every day with a smile! But first of all, let’s discover, what is migraine, its types and reasons of appearance.

It is important for the treatment to understand where and why the problem started to find the best ways of healing.

Headache Pain: Types and Symptoms

There are two most common kinds of migraine: vascular headaches and muscle tension. They are divided because of difference in symptoms and reasons of appearance. The first type is recognizable for swelling inside the head, vision problems and pain increase during physical activity.

Such an undesirable guest may stay with you from 4 to 72 hours and cause even nausea. One of the provokers is high blood pressure.

Tension headaches appear because of tightenings of face and neck muscles. Painful feelings mostly localize in temples, base of skull and a forehead. Blunt and lasting ache usually occur both sides of head, including back of the neck. This headache type starts gradually and may stay for several days, and there are great options for massage which can really help with these pains.

Why Do We Suffer from Migraines?


Group of factors Reasons and provokers
Neurological Stress during the day or even longer time distracts brain work, lead to emotional exhaustion. Worries, tiredness and extra tension can even change the body cycle: decrease blood flow to brain, cause sleepiness and aches.
Food Alcohol is one of the most popular migraine provoker. But don’t think that this is about strong drinks. Martini, wine and champagne mainly lead to nausea and pain.  A lot of coffee during a day influence the blood pressure badly as well. Some people may suffer from a headache after eating special products: nuts, fish, chocolate and cheese.
Hormonal The headache can be a side effect of using hormonal birth control pills. Because of physical body changes, women can face migraine before and during their periods.
Body and muscles Some inborn or obtained physical features of your body may cause migraines due to the bad blood flow or unstable pressure. For example, scoliosis. Muscle spasms lead to headaches as well.
Lifestyle Drinking not enough water, oversleeping, staying late, working for hours sitting in the same position, not walking on the fresh air. These distracts proper brain work and cause oxygen starvation.
External Atmosphere pressure, weather changes, sun activity, moon phases influence some of us badly, causing aches and apathy.


Anti-migraine Massage: Is It Effective?

Different types of headaches have not similar symptoms, so we need to apply different massage techniques to treat properly. Of course, all antimigraine therapies lead to body relaxation. When your muscles are relaxed the biggest part of pain will vanish. In our techniques we involve massaging scalp, temples, cervical spine, skulls and neck.

It is known for thousand years that people have sensitive acupuncture points on the body. Applying pressure with the thumbs, index fingers or the whole hand to this places massage therapist influences nerves. They send signals to our brain, reducing pain feelings.

Another useful and effective technique is called trager approach. It is similar to Japanese Shiatsu massage. But in this case therapist influences trigger points located along the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

Massagist work with deep tissues, helping to relieve pain. In general, trigger point therapy serves not only to eliminate migraine symptoms. It also re-educate our muscles to stay in right position, which won’t cause headaches.

All types of antimigraine therapies you can get in our Tampa beauty center. Our qualified massage therapists will recommend you the best massage variant according to the problem. Headache is a common problem, suffering from pain makes you less productive, healthy and mentally stable. You definitely shouldn’t endure it for long, so we are here always ready to help!

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