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Our facial muscles work everyday, so they are all time in tense. This cause early mimic wrinkles, which you can’t completely vanish getting basic regular procedures. Of course, women and men want to look amazing in all ages no matter what, so they can even lay under the scalpel for plastic surgery. But in reality everything is quite easier and you can achieve a perfect appearance without surgeries. The key to the success is in botulinum toxin product. Let’s discover together what it is, how it works and if it is safe for our health!

What Is Botox Treatment?

Botulinum toxin itself is a life threatening poison, but in small portions under doctor’s control it can be very useful in health care and cosmetology such as a part of a facial treatment. It is FDA approved and legal method of rejuvenation, which is spread all over the world since 1990’s. This is one of the most popular non-operative and minimal invasive technique to save the youthful appearance.

The whole treatment represents injections of botulinum toxin under the skin inside muscles.

The procedure is performed in several steps:

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing the treated areas.
  2. Choosing and marking facial areas in which we will make injections.
  3. Injection of the botox cosmetic substance under the marked spots.
  4. After the whole process it is possible to apply some coolers or even ice to prevent an appearance of hematomas.

Effect of Botulinum Toxin

It should be noticed that the effect of botox procedure can be seen only for mimic muscles. It can’t eliminate signs of skin ageing as wrinkles or fine lines because they have another mechanism of appearance. Injected into muscles botulinum toxin blocks their work and makes them relax. So, your mimic muscles don’t work in a usual way, they don’t shrink as many times during the day as they did before.

Normally, the effect of smooth skin stays about 3 – 4 months. During this period muscles activity is lower, so the appearance of new wrinkles is slowed down. The best visible result of botox work can be seen for:

  • moderate to severe frown lines;
  • wrinkles around lips;
  • eyebrow lift;
  • «crow’s feet» wrinkles;
  • bunny or nasalis lines;
  • dimpled chin;
  • forehead lines;
  • smile lift, etc

Besides such a therapy can solve other cosmetological and even health problems if done properly. For example, I received a cosmetic botox injection of botulinum toxin help to get rid of sweat under armpits, reduce migraine and others. The treatment can help people with asymmetric facial features, which were caused by muscle spasm. Loss of bladder control or problems with overactive bladder may be solved by relaxing muscles too.

The first results of the therapy are seen in a few days after the visit but the stable effect can be formed only during 1-2 weeks.

Can I Receive Botox?

Usually women and men start getting botox injections after the appearance of visible mimic wrinkles. It is the age after 25 years. But it is safe to use botulinum toxin even for children after 2 but only by a prescription as a medicine. It is also proved that after 40 years the result won’t be as visible and stable because of natural skin loosening.

You definitely shouldn’t get the procedure if you have medical condition including:

  • variety of allergic reactions to the main components of substance;
  • getting antibiotics;
  • flu or some infectious diseases;
  • ill lungs;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period, etc.

To get no side effects you should avoid some cosmetological procedures connected with heat which cause excessive sweating. It is also inappropriate to get some aggressive skin treatments during a month before and after botox injections. It includes chemical peels, plastic surgery, laser, microneedling, etc. In any case you should consult with the esthetician before the treatment and announce if you have any health problems.

Remember that botox is a poisonous toxin, so you should get the injections only from experienced and certificated specialists. Our knowledgeable and skilled nurse practitioner will be happy to see you in our Tampa beauty center to help you achieve the best results with no side effects!


*All Botox and PDO Thread procedures at Anna Esthetics are performed by visiting specialist, Nurse Practitioner Master of Science, who holds several degrees from European and American Universities. Served as Vice President of Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses Council. Almost 2 decades experience in Healthcare.
Owner of 2 Private practices in Neurology, Geriatrics and Esthetics.
Member of National and International Honor Societies, Researcher and published author!

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