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BB Glow Treatment


Our Prices

1 Treatment $129
Package of 4 $399

Your Perfect Skin for a Year

Women all over the world look for a solution to stay perfect for the whole day without necessity to renew their makeup. Today our daily routine is quite complicated and fast, so we don’t usually have enough time for a skin care. At Anna Esthetics we found a way to make you free from mirrors, concealers and cosmetic powder for a year! Your skin will stay toned and attractive with semi-permanent color as after a makeup base. Are you intrigued?

What Is BB Glow Treatment?

This is a Korean innovation in beauty industry, which quickly became popular in Europe and the USA. The main aim of procedure is to smoothen the skin tone, cover pigmentation and cause anti-ageing effect for a long period of time. The result becomes visible already after the treatment. But to get long-lasting result of glowing skin you will need to make 3-4 appointments and then get a correction every 3-4 months.

To perform the procedure our esthetician uses a special microneedling device with extremely small needles. This is not slight invasive treatment, where the semi permanent BB serum is injected in upper layers of skin – epidermis. To be honest, this is an absolutely painless process, so our clients won’t even need any numbing or anesthetic remedy. The only feeling which they will experience during the visit is slight vibromassage.

Who Can Get the Procedure?

BB glow treatment doesn’t have many contraindications. It is appropriate for the most of clients. But in any case you should previously consult with the esthetician. Sometimes the procedure may be contraindicated if you are pregnant or nursing, have skin cancer, any active infections, have been taking accutane or any medication for the same purpose within 6 months, history of cold sores or fever blisters, individual intolerance to the ingredients.

There is a huge group of people who are recommended to get the treatment including:

  • ageing skin (there is a boosted complex of injections, which cause nourishing and lifting effect because of hyaluronic acid);
  • hyperpigmented epidermis;
  • patchy face color;
  • people with freckles;
  • not smooth skin tone on the post acne areas (it isn’t appropriate to get the treatment while you have acne in bloom);
  • «smoker’s skin».

However, BB glow treatment isn’t a good solution for clients with vitiligo. We penetrate only the cornified layer, but the main problem is deeper in tissues. So, our injections can slightly smoothen the tone but don’t remove the visibility of vitiligo.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The molecule of titanium dioxide, which causes the main color effect, is quite big but light. As we treat only the epidermis, it doesn’t get through membrana and stay there. It is free in the upper tissues and gets out from the body due to natural cell regeneration circle. Because of this you won’t get colored beige spots through the time.

It is also important for people with sensitive skin to make analysis for allergens 24 hours prior. If the result is undesirable, than our client definitely shouldn’t get the treatment. It is necessary to avoid straight sun rays for first 2-3 days after the BB Glow. Cosmetologists recommend to apply some sun cream or lotion not lower than SPF 30 before coming out. This will prevent the appearance of irritation during the short recovery period in several days. After the treatment it is rare to notice any signs of irritations on clients’ faces. But if you have really sensitive skin the recovery period may take no more than 1 day. After the session of visits you will get a perfect and smooth semi permanent foundation for a daily makeup for the whole year.

We are waiting for you at our Tampa beauty center to try the new innovative treatment and experience the perfect result for long. Stay beautiful with permanent makeup without any efforts for a year!

BB Glow Treatment Reviews from Our Clients

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