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Pigmentation Therapy Facial

Step by step concept of healing and removing freckles. Closeup portrait of beautiful brunette woman after laser treatment on face looking at camera. indoor studio shot, isolated on gray background.

Our Prices

1 Treatment $85
Package of 3 $199


Flawless skin whitening

High-performance brightening depigmenting approach designed to recapture the glowing luminosity of youthful skin and bring out a translucent radiance.
Acting on, controlling and down regulating all phases and expressions of melanin production, Illustrious treats skin discolorations and pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, post acne blemishes, environmental factors, UV exposure, and the natural process of ageing.
ILLUSTRIOUS leads to visible whitening from first application, revealing an illuminated, firmer, smoother, and even toned skin maintained over time through following a carefully designed
home care regimen.



# Suitable for all skin tones and types
# Unique lightweight formulas
# Broad spectrum SPF
# paraben free
# petrolatum free
# propylene glycol free
# SLS free
# silicone free (except for Absolute Bright)



Illustrious focuses on 4 pathways to depigmentation and whitening:
1. Inhibition of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase suppression inhibits melanin production
Tyrosinase is a key enzyme which catalyzes melanin synthesis. Its suppression leads to the
development of melanogenesis inhibitors.
2. Inhibition of melanin transfer. Melanin Transfer Inhibition – inhibiting keratinocyte–melanocyte interactions.
Pigmentation results in part from the transferof melanized melanosomes synthesized by
melanocytes to neighboring keratinocytes. Active Ingredients Whitening complex (hexylresorcinol,
caprylic, caproic and capric acids) a new generation of safe whitening compounds for
the reduction of pigmentation, based on resorcinol derivative and fatty acids.
3. Absorption of melanin pigment.  Melanin Absorption – from upper skin layers. Active Ingredient:
Absorbing agent (aluminum silicate) absorbs and discharges excessive melanin.
In-vivo test shows an improvement in spot color after treatment with the absorbing agent.
4. Degradation of melanin  – discoloration and reduced visibility of pigmentation. Active Ingredients
Carbon C oxide complex (ascorbic acid, sodium carbonate) based on Nahcolite mineral which contains
soft carbonate and pure vitamin C – acts as a brightening active by triggering oxygen supply to the cells and promoting better blood circulation. A unique system releases CO2 in-sito, to ensure
active vitamin C penetration for maximal activity. The lightening reaction occurs by inhibition of
tyrosinase synthesis, promoting immediate whitening.

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