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Our Prices

Bikini Line$40
Deep Bikini$48
Under Arms$30

Intimate Add-ons:

Lightening Therapy (Cream) $19
Lightening Therapy Micro-needling $49
20 min Vajacial $39

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Want to look beautifully with a smooth skin but traditional waxing is painful and shaving causes some ingrown hairs? Then, we can recommend you another procedure – epilation with sugar paste. Our estheticians perform it skillfully with special remedies and painkillers if needed. So it will be more relaxing for you than doing the same at home.

Epilation with sugar paste became more popular among men and women in 1980’s. But it was also one of the most common kind of hair removal methods in the Ancient Persia. So, it has another name – Persian waxing. It is easy to perform and ingredients for the paste are simple. In addition, it is less harmful for the skin and less painful than waxing. That is why sugaring is getting so popular.

What Is This: Main Features of Sugaring Hair

The temperature of the sugar mixture is lower than for a hard wax. Instead of 104 degrees, it is heated up to 98.6. It is not a big difference in numbers than in feelings. This difference allows female and male clients to get the epilation even with not hard stage of varicose veins. And it is more pleasant for a sensitive skin.

Another feature of sugaring is its penetration into the skin cells. It gets deeper inside than wax – to follicles. So, it allows to remove even short hair starting from 2 mm. After applying it stays on for a few seconds, then the specialist removes it fast in a direction of hair growth. To keep an effect of smooth skin you should visit an esthetician every 3-4 weeks. Using the sugar paste we can model perfect eyebrows which will look gorgeous for about a month or even longer. We perform mostly all types of sugaring: brazilian, underarms, bikini and others.

In Anna Esthetics Salon we use the paste which is hypoallergenic because of organic ingredients. It usually consists of:

  • water;
  • sugar;
  • lemon juice.

It may also contain honey, aromatic oils, herbs and some other ingredients to make the procedure of epilation more pleasant. Sugar with lemon juice divides in molecules of glucose and fructose. So, after the reaction mixture becomes more sticky and removes hair easily. Organic lemon juice in the paste doesn’t cause any allergy. The hot mixture for sugaring, like wax, has different stages because of the ingredients and their proportions. For example, too soft one is used for bandage technique with pieces of cloth or paper. The soft paste type is better for sensitive areas as bikini, armpits and face. More common among estheticians is an universal one – medium. It isn’t too hard or soft, so it doesn’t need extra devices and suits for all kinds of epilation. Under the watch of the estheticians sugaring is one of the most safe hair removal technique.


Benefits of Sugaring in Beauty Spa

It is important for your skin to perform an epilation carefully and thoroughly. In-home procedure means the lack of safety and risks to harm yourself. Not because of harsh movements but also due to variety of bacterias on hands and furniture covering. They can penetrate into skin cells, which were harmed. After the sugaring hair removal your skin need to be treated properly. At home we don’t usually mind. So, this causes irritations on the epilated area. Especially, after the Brazilian waxing and on the other sensitive zones. The esthetician makes the main process easier for you. Thus regular waxing won’t be a problem any more but will become more relaxing with every next visit.

Also, the paste, which you buy in shops has a lot of features and differences. First of all, you can’t be sure about its safety and organic components. Some of them may contain chemicals to make the product cheaper. Prepared by your hands mixture may be not appropriate too, because of proportions.

Getting sugaring in Tampa beauty center means that your skin will have a proper treat before, during and after the procedure. We use post wax gels and remedies to prevent irritations and redness. Try yourself and stay attractive!

Sugaring Reviews from Our Clients

Default Avatar100
Katherine M

Did my first Brazilian sugaring with Yasmina and It being my first time I was extremely nervous! However, Yasmina walked me through the whole process and was incredibly gentle. She definitely knew what she was doing and did an amazing job! Will be back on the regular to see her!

Default Avatar100
Kimberly B.

Provided the fastest response time to an email inquiry and after hours at that—pleasantly surprised because it allowed me to fit in an appointment during my short stay in Clearwater. The esthetician I saw, Angelina, was very attentive and so personable, as if I was a regular client. She made me feel very comfortable and I was very pleased with the results. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends.

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Intimate Add-ons

#1. Lightening Therapy (Cream) – $19

Most often, your intimate areas are covered by layers of clothing throughout the year and they rarely get a chance to breathe. There is a way to do away with darker skin in your most private areas. We offer skin lightening treatments to brighten up the skin in other problematic areas, such as your knees, elbows, and underarms. *For full Bleaching  treatment click here.

#2. Lightening Therapy Microneedling – $49

Intimate Bleaching is the process of lightening the skin around the area you desire. This aesthetic service can be performed on men and women. It does not involve any pain, discomfort, or irritation. It can be performed on legs, elbows, knees, areola, bikini, underarms, inner thighs, derriere, labia, anus and lower abdomen.  Anal bleaching is the most asked area to be treated and isn’t a thing just for adult films anymore. Regular women and men are more and more interested in doing this procedure to liven things up for their partners. Vaginal bleaching is the 2nd most popular area for this procedure. *For full Bleaching  treatment click here.

#3. 20 min Vajacial – $39

Take your wax service to the next level. A vajacial will help sooth and reduce redness after a wax. An Express vajacial includes a warm towel infused with lavender or tea tree essential oil, hydrojelly mask of choice, finishing soothing serum and moisturizer. *For full (45 min) Vajacial service click here.  
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