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Armpit Bleaching

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Armpit Bleaching: Effective Resolutions for the Common Problem

Dark skin in the underarm area is a common cosmetic issue faced by a large number of people living in tropical and subtropical climates. Scientific research allows us to better understand the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon and offer effective cosmetic solutions. 

So, our answer is “Yes! It’s absolutely possible to whiten your armpits painlessly.” And there is no need to dash to the store for a new ineffective underarm bleaching cream for at-home whitening.

Factors Leading to Darkening of Underarm Skin

Excess melanin, the main pigment responsible for skin color, leads to hyperpigmentation in the armpit area. This may be caused by irritation, inflammation, or hormonal changes.

Causes of darkening also include constant friction of the skin against clothing in high humidity. The use of non-professional hair removal methods and antiperspirants that contain aggressive chemical elements can cause irritation. As a result, your skin gets darked one shade at a time. How is is possible to achieve perfect under armpit whitening effect?

Effective Beauty Treatments to Vanish Dark Spots


The essence of the technique is the use of an underarm whitening cream with peeling effect that contains a balanced combination of biologically active components: glycolic acid and phytoestrogens.

This gentle and effective technique affects problem areas deeply, but does not cause skin irritation. At the same time, it is a fairly quick and effective solution that leads to fast results. Moreover, the armpit lightening effect lasts for a long time.


To discolorate the required areas, the specialist first carries out the appropriate procedure and then applies a hypoallergenic armpit whitening cream to boost the effect. In some cases, individual sensitivity and intolerance to the components may take place. Therefore, we always conduct a comprehensive consultation before approaching the underarm bleaching process. It is critical that all the nuances and contraindications are clarified in advance.

Which Cosmetics Lighten the Skin Tone?

Remember that cosmetics with active ingredients should be applied only under the thorough control of esthetician. Sometimes, whitening at home leads to unpleasant aftermaths. 

At EuroSpa Center, we utilize only high-quality certified remedies that have stood the proof of time. They usually contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA), which can speed up the natural exfoliation process, promoting skin renewal. Products containing hydroquinone, arbutin, vitamin C and niacinamide have been successfully used to reduce melanin synthesis and foster discoloration in armpit.

Using several methods such as exfoliation, underarm whitening creams and moisturizing can provide a comprehensive effect in combating dark skin. At-home armpit bleaching can’t be that effective and safe due to the lack of time, experience and cosmetics used.


Clinical studies show that regular use of products high in arbutin and vitamin C leads to significant improvements in underarm skin tone. The active ingredients effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the synthesis of melanin.


At EuroSpa, we use the most advanced techniques for treating diverse skin conditions. We approach each guest’s problem individually, taking into account all the unique body features. With us you can sign up for procedures that provide not only aesthetic appeal, but also restore health and natural skin color.

Book a consultation with our skilled specialist to get the appropriate procedure and supportive therapy.


Stay healthy and glorious!

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