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Men’s Skincare: Male Fanny Facial in Tampa


Our Prices

1 Treatment $99

The proper intimate care for men is usually underestimated. The majority of people focus on the beauty of publicly exposed body parts only, paying less attention to invisible issues. Anyway, such problems can make your intimate life a real disaster.

This is why, we developed a customization-first procedure to treat your bottom area, not limiting to waxing buttocks hair. If you suffer from dryness, inflammation and irritation, acne or ingrown hair, our male Fanny Facial will get you covered!

What Is Male Fanny Facial Care?

This all-in-one men’s skincare service is similar to Manjacial, but differs in terms of body areas treated. Fanny Facial addresses the needs of buttocks skin and may be fully customized according to skin type, condition and concern.

The whole procedure includes:

  • Purifying the bottom skin
  • Toning and Balancing pH
  • Gentle Steam and Exfoliation
  • Extracting Blackheads (if necessary)
  • Extracting Ingrown Hairs (if necessary)
  • Applying a Calming Mask
  • Infusing Hydration with Serum and Moisturizer

What Skin Conditions May Be Treated?


Combatting dryness means applying the best men’s intimate care products that infuse the skin with deep hydration. Together, our expert techniques and nourishing cosmetics replenish moisture levels and revitalize skin cells.

Bottom Acne

At EuroSpa Center, we incorporate gentle exfoliation to unclog pores, followed by specialized acne-fighting solutions like high-frequency if needed. Our Fanny Facial helps reduce inflammation and promote a clear complexion.

Clogged Pores

Through meticulous exfoliation and pore-clearing techniques, we remove impurities and debris, allowing your skin to breathe freely. Our treatments aim to minimize the risk of future pore blockages. Even full butt wax can’t ensure the same result.


Our skilled estheticians focus on gentle exfoliation, sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, radiant skin beneath. This procedure nourishes and hydrates, ensuring your skin remains smooth and flake-free.

Loss of Skin Elasticity

Professional Fanny Facial stimulates collagen production, promoting skin firmness. Moreover, each men’s skincare procedure is carefully curated to tighten and tone, restoring your bottom skin’s elasticity.

Epidermis Inflammation

By using calming ingredients and techniques, our estheticians fight redness and irritation, promoting a balanced skin tone. We always aim to address inflammation at its source to prevent further spreading.

Why Book Men’s Intimate Care Appointment at EuroSpa Center

Discover the power of expert bottom skincare for men with our professional solutions and customized approach to every guest. At EuroSpa Center, we understand perfectly that only well-tailored services and high-quality intimate care products may lead to unparalleled results.

Our main aim is to solve your real problems fully, not partially. We would rather not prolong your journey to the desired bottom skin condition, forcing you to numerous appointments. Nevertheless, our esthetician will be thrilled to see you again!

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