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Dermaplaning with Facial


Our Prices

1 Treatment $85
Package of 3 $199
Celluma LED Therapy 30 min $35
Feet Hot Wrap + Scrub + Massage$25
Hands and Feet Paraffin + Massage$30
Hands Massage $15
Hands Paraffin + Massage$20
Hot and Cold Stone Massage$20
Light Chemical Peel$15
Neck + Upper Chest Areas$20
Pores Extra Care (Extractions + Peel + High Frequency)$40
RF / Microcurrent Skin Tightening$30
Hot Oil Scalp Massage$15
Sculpting Face Massage 30 min. $55
Soothing / Modeling Mask$15

Smooth and plain skin is so desirable among women of all ages. Chemical peels, manual facials have their rehabilitation period and a lot of precautions. If you can’t afford sitting at home after the procedure for few days, before your face will become normal, try dermaplaning.

This is fast and safe treatment for women with all skin types. Such a unique procedure becomes more popular through years. Earlier not a big group of people was aware of dermaplane facial and attended it. So, let’s discover what is the procedure’s meaning, how to perform it and which result can you expect.

How Does It Work?

Dermaplaning is one of the types of physical exfoliation without penetrating into the skin. We use small and sharp cosmetological scalpel to scrape the top layer and remove fine facial hair with other imperfections. It is not long, but effective and painless procedure, which is appropriate even for sensitive skin type. After the visit your face will be polished and clean. When we gently “shave” the layer of dead skin, we remove not only dead cells, but also peach fuzz.

So, small pieces of dust, which lay down on face, won’t be hold by hair. This makes your skin tone look brighter masking and reducing defects, which appear during the life and a day full of car fumes and pollution.

Before the main process our  esthetician will perform cleansing of the face cover, using water and gentle cleanser, then the skin must be dehydrated with the special solution. After your face is cleaned and dried, we start to plane the outer layer, exfoliating dead skin cells. The scraping may be performed on all face or only on a part of it.

The most important is not to apply such treatment to damaged places or areas with wounds. It may deepen the problem and cause irritation. To keep the effect of aligned texture and tone of beautiful face, we advice to use special skincare products. They help not to get sunburn after the procedure, because the epidermis is too sensitive.

Truth and Myths About  Dermaplaning Treatment

As we have said earlier, one of the procedural features is removing hardly visible facial hair. This is a base for some myths about dermaplaning, which are definitely wrong but popular among clients. It is important to be aware of truthful information about the products and treatments you are going to get. One of the most common lies about post effects of procedure says that such hair remover makes vellus on your face grow faster and become darker.

To perform the planning estheticians use scalpel to gently scrape the cornified layer. No chemical mixtures or bio-active elements are used, so nothing will influence the vellus hair. They will appear again, it is true – like after the epilation. Nevertheless, it won’t get darker or harder. Normally, it is needed up to 4 weeks to fully restore their length.

So, visiting Anna Esthetics for dermaplaning once a month is optimal and won’t cause any skin or hair damage. It is inexpensive and working method to make your face look smoother and flatten small wrinkles, fine lines and roughnesses.

Get your magnificent look in our Tampa beauty salon!

Dermaplaning with Facial Reviews from Our Clients

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