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Paraffin Facial with Hot Stone Therapy


Our Prices

1 Treatment $75
Package of 3 $179

In the world of stress our face suffers primarily. Makeup, polluted air, fumes, exhaustion, daily problems. As the result, we get congested skin, decreased blood flow and early wrinkles. To rejuvenate, revitalize cells and restore healthy color it is necessary to get not only basic facial but complex calming therapy.

Paraffin wax treatment helps to normalize biological processes in epidermis and reduce stress. Now at Anna Esthetics it is even boosted with resting hot stone massage therapy.

It is known that such therapy had place in the Roman Empire to heal physical and mental problems. But only in 1902 Barth de Sandfort officially proved that paraffin has an unusual ability to increase body healing processes. New cells were forming around an open wound faster. Due to this such wax was widely spread during the Second World War to heal soldiers from the front lines.

A lot of scientists have been learning the abilities of paraffin since then. In modern medicine we use it not only for the spa but to help with muscle tension and traumas. In cosmetology we started use paraffin treatment actively from the 1960’s.

What Is Paraffin Wax Facial?

Paraffin is a material with the useful ability to retain heat for long. The esthetician uses a special gauze mask, so paraffin wax is applied not directly on the face. It is necessary to prevent burning especially for sensitive skin. Active components can also penetrate through the gauze freely, it won’t be a barrier.

Heat causes an amazing effect for the skin. First of all, it reduces tension and relaxes face muscles, which are very active during the day. Applied paraffin warms your skin up, which makes blood vessels widen. Normalized blood circulation and water balance are the first steps to perfect skin color.

Fresh oxygen and active minerals get to cells through it, nourishing and rejuvenating. So, paraffin wax mask can help to reduce wrinkles from small mimic to some old fine lines.

This facial treatment is also effective to clean pores. It doesn’t work as scrubbing or peeling, the main difference is in heat, which causes natural sweating and detoxifying. While your pores are opened because of paraffin warmth it is easy for an esthetician to remove blackheads and clogging. It is also a perfect opportunity to moisturize the skin, applying nourishing collagen elastin creams, silk oil, etc.

The procedure has two parts – physical states of wax. Paraffin doesn’t keep the same temperature during the whole treatment, it cools and changes from viscous state to solid one. Hardened mixture contract the skin, increasing natural turgor and making face look tight. After the wax became hard and cool (15-20 min) the esthetician removes it with the gauze mask and clean the rests.

Is It for Me?

Paraffin treatment helps to regain active elements in cells, normalise water balance and nourish your epidermis. That is why, such procedure will achieve maximal effect for people with dry skin. It is also recommended as anti-aging treatment, because the mask activate natural regeneration processes. Paraffin firms the skin, making tissues more elastic and pulling up face contours.

Warming therapy is very popular in cold seasons, it heats the body (1-3 degrees up). Our estheticians also advice to get such procedure for dehydrated and thin skin. It helps to revitalize epidermis and stop uncontrolled peeling because of dryness. But you shouldn’t get paraffin facial in cases if you have:

  • open wounds and cuts,
  • herpes,
  • deep stages of acne
  • couperose.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage for Face

Specialty of this massage is in using heated stones to treat the skin after facial. As wax, stone therapy also warms you and calms the epidermis after exfoliation and cleansing. As the result of our unique massage techniques, you will experience:

  • relaxed muscles of your face, neck and shoulders;
  • reduced body tension;
  • absence of nervousness, puffiness and stress;
  • removed small wrinkles due to face relaxation;
  • emotional and body harmony;
  • nourished and revitalized skin.

Hot stone massage is a perfect combination with paraffin facial. They have similar ways of treating, provoking epidermis with heat. Due to the warm sensation and rest, the procedure of cleansing doesn’t cause any painful feelings. Your body is almost filled with energy and is ready to be active again. Keep calm and try it out in our Tampa beauty center!

Paraffin Facial with Hot Stone Therapy Reviews from Our Clients

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