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Indian Healing Clay Facial


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When it comes to natural substances used for beautifying the skin surface, Indian Healing clay is renowned for its great therapeutic benefits of the skin. The use of Indian Healing Clay, commonly known as Aztec Clay dates back to centuries ago. Its use has been trending since then and is still considered one of the best known facial masks till date. This is the reason it is a popular choice amongst various salons and spas, giving users the deep cleansing treatment they long for with great results.

What is Indian Healing Clay and what makes it popular?

You may have heard the statement ‘World’s most powerful facial’ but what makes this Indian Healing Clay so special is a common question you may ask. Indian Healing clay is a form of Bentonite Clay that derives its origin from Death Valley of California. In its rawest form, it is basically volcanic residue that has settled on the earth, absorbing minerals and nutrients from the earth’s surface. The clay forms from a combination of minerals, ash and nutrients. The clay is then dried at temperatures reaching a high of 134 degrees, for a good 6 months. This clay is calcium rich, as well as possesses sodium, magnesium and traces of other minerals. The clay contains great therapeutic benefits for the skin, hair, wounds, pain, damage to the muscles.

What are the benefits of using the Indian Healing Clay Facial?

The Indian Healing Clay Facial is renowned for its great benefits to the surface of the skin. This includes the following:

  1. Facial Rejuvenation. Indian Healing Clay Facial is a fabulous way to get your facial skin rejuvenated as it helps to nourish the skin surface by blood circulation stimulation by skin tightening. This aids to bring in oxygen flow and toxin removal by ridding the skin of impurities.
  2. Absorbs toxins. Indian Healing Clay Facial helps in absorbing toxins due to its ability of producing an electrical charge. When in contact with water, this clay allows its electrical components to change, allowing it to absorb toxins, oil and dirt out through the skin.
  3. Deep pore cleansing effect. Indian Healing Clay is a wonderful form of therapy in terms of clearing pores that are very deep. This allows your skin to breathe and look fresh.
  4. Replenishes your skin. Using the Indian Healing Clay facial can bring about restoration of lost vitality by the replenishing the skin’s surface with lost essential minerals and nutrients.
  5. Great skin moisturizer. The Indian Healing Clay facial is known to moisturize your skin surface, leaving it smooth and softer in touch.
  6. A wonderful form of treatment for acne and other skin related disorders. Skin that is prone to acne can be treated effectively with the Indian Healing Clay facial. Other common skin disorders that can be treated include eczema, blemishes, wrinkles/fine lines and cellulite.

What does the Indian Healing Clay facial treatment include?

  • Deep Skin Cleansing
  • Toning of the skin surface
  • Analyzing
  • Exfoliation with steam treatment
  • Bentonite Clay Masque Application
  • Relaxing and pressure point massage using serum
  • Hydration with Solar Defense Treatment

To experience a skin facial treatment like no other, join us at Anna Aesthetics to book your nearest appointment for the Indian Healing Clay Facial and feel the difference.

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