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French Green Clay Mask Facial


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A great mineral boosting treatment for the skin comprises the use of clay. One variant, known as French Green Clay has paved its way into the world of facials due to its known benefits for clear, fresh and vibrant looking skin. Known to do wonders to your skin surface, the French Green Clay Mask Facial has been recommended to treat skin suffering from a number of common disorders. For this reason, we at Anna Aesthetics have introduced the French Green Clay Mask Facial for all our Tampa Bay Clients, so they can benefit from healthy and glowing skin.

What is French Green Clay?

French Green Clay is the name given to a variant of clay that comprises of a fine green powder. The green color results from the presence of decomposed plant matter and iron oxide. Also known as Illite Clay/Sea Clay, this material is nutrient rich and possesses over 70 trace minerals. Common elements making up its composition include Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, Silica, Calcium, Zinc and Phosphorous.  Other than that, French Green Clay is highly absorbent, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and also has been proven to be a natural form of antiseptic. It is a popular material used commonly in spas, known to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation to new healthy skin cells.


What are the advantages of the French Green Clay Mask Facial?

Known for its ability to heal the skin surface, the French Green Clay Mask Facial possesses a great number of advantages. These include the following:

  1. Performs great toning action by stimulating the skin. This includes bringing in fresh blood supply for revitalization.
  2. It promotes healthy skin due to its skin remineralization and revitalization properties.
  3. It helps to brighten dull complexion due to its property of being rich in essential minerals.
  4. Aids in removing excess oil from the skin’s surface, especially effective for those suffering from very oily skin.
  5. Clears up acne present on the skin. Due to its absorption properties, French Green Clay can extract even the deepest impurities in the pores. This way, clogged pores are cleared effectively.
  6. Acts as a skin moisturizer to restore a youthful glow.
  7. Effective treatment for skin suffering from mild to moderate burns. When applied on the skin, French Green Clay promotes healing and prevents scar formation.
  8. Promotes healing of skin ulcers due to its absorptive properties.
  9. Helps to reduce inflammation resulting from conditions such as Eczema.
  10. Acts as detoxifying agent, ridding the skin of harmful toxins.
  11. Provides relief to those suffering from Psoriasis.
  12. Possesses great exfoliating properties, making skin feel softer and also aims to tighten pores.

What does the French Green Clay Mask Facial Treatment include?

  • Deep skin cleansing
  • Toning of the skin surface
  • Analyzing
  • Gentle skin exfoliation
  • Application of the French Green Clay Mask
  • Relaxing pressure point massage incorporating the use of Vitamin C Serum
  • Application of SPF for sun protection

Join us today at Anna Aesthetics to get the French Green Clay Mask Facial; helping to restore your skin’s lost vitality and glow.

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