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Charcoal Mask Facial


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Numerous advanced facial treatments have been formulated to get the glowing and beautiful skin. One of these new techniques involved the usage of activated charcoal. This substance is used to clean and detoxify the skin and reenergize it.

We all consider an activated charcoal as an essential ingredient of barbecuing and grilling. However, in air filtration systems the medical version of activated charcoal is used. It is also used in treating emergency cases of poisoning because of its trait to chemical bond which helps to remove poison from the body.

In recent times, people use activated charcoal of food grade for internal detoxification. It is used in juices and supplements and even for teeth whitening. But how is it related to glowing skin? Let’s explore it as follows:

Gritty Black Stuff that Purifies Skin

Believe us! We suggest applying charcoal on your skin, but this advice is for a good reason. That’s because thousands of people are thrilled with the results produced by adding activated charcoal to their beauty schedule. The reason behind this is the trait of activated charcoal that makes the toxins of the skin stick to itself. In this way, the skin goes through deep cleansing and detoxification. This is all natural treatment, and not a single chemical gets added into your skin. It means your skin will not go through negative reactions and there is a less risk of clogged pores due to the addition of new ingredient.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Mask Facial

The activated charcoal mask is best for healthy skin. Some of the benefits of this miraculous skin wonder are as follows:

Soothes cuts, heal bites and treats skin irritations

If you get stung by bees or got cut from the kitchen, the activated charcoal will heal your wound without making it infectious. It also speeds up the healing process and relieves you from symptoms. The trifling skin ailments like scrapes, cuts, stings, minor infections, and insect bites help to heal speedily with activated charcoal. This incredible substance is when applied in the form of paste it absorbs infection and venoms. It lessens the pain and brings down swelling.

Deep Skin Cleansing

It is time to send the chemical ridden cleanser on vacation as you can easily have the activated charcoal in bottles or bars. However, you must not use it on a daily basis as your essential skin moisture, and healthy oils would vanish.  

Acne Treatment

Activated charcoal can help you with treating acne depending on its severity. It can provide you a gentle exfoliation that you require in the form of soap. The best part is it absorbs toxins and oils that are laid below your skin. The spots and blemishes can be treated with activated charcoal, and you can use it as a mini mask for its treatment.

Oily Skin Problems

For oily skins activated charcoal is the right ingredient that you require to keep things balanced. For pulling off unwanted and excess oils from the skin, you apply the charcoal mask to smooth things up. However, apply only twice a week or less so that your essential skin oils does not dry up.

Pores get cleaner and smaller

Our pores get clogged from the toxins of the world all the day. If you have unclear pores and complexion problems use activated charcoal as a facial mask to pull out dirt from the pores and making them less visible. It will transform your face into fresh and glowing one.

Charcoal Mask facial is the talk of the town these days. Visit Anna Aesthetics office at Tampa and get this exclusive and luxurious charcoal mask facial treatment for a fantastic skin.

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