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Oily Skin? Top Best Tips for Treating!

An oily skin type is common nowadays. So, if you are the one related to such a group, you should know about the special kinds of a skincare. As other types, oily derma needs to stay nourished and clean. But natural features (as large pores) often stop us on the halfway to the ideal state. We always want to look and be attractive, so women start using different masks and remedies, which can even deepen the problem.

The oily skin may be caused by the several reasons. The most spread are: the lack of vitamins, unhealthy diet, wrong make-up usage, individual medical problems, hormones or heredity. If the problem starts because of the last two, it will be more difficult to remove and heal. You can identify your skin type at home. Characteristic features of the oily one are:

  • Deep and wide pores;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Greasy gloss;
  • Irritated derma with pimples or acne.

This type may appear due to the intensive work of sebaceous glands. Producing too much of fat they make your pores blocked. As the result, you will have blackheads and comedones on the T-zone. How to treat oily skin? Here we prepared a lot of useful tips!

Do We Need Moisturizing for an Oily Type?

Of course, we do! Greasy and intensively sweating skin is not the apology to stop moisturizing and nourishing it. Oily derma loses a lot of important active elements while sweating, it also loses water. So, it needs to be refilled every day. The best variant is to use thermal aqua, which contains vitamins and can stabilize the water balance.

You should normally do the washing up twice a day (in the mornings and evenings). Also, it will be good if you use warm water at first and the cold one after that. Such a contrast may help you to narrow pores. Or you can prepare some ice cubes (not only with water but also with herbal tea). Wipe your face using them. It will make blood vessels stronger and tone up oily derma cells.

To moisturize the face and neck zone you should use creams for this special skin type. They shouldn’t contain oily base, which will cause irritations and even worse pore clogging. Creams will nourish cells and remove greasy gloss.

How to Perform the Cleanse?

The oily skin type differs with its tendency to blackheads appearing. Because of the problem with wide pores it is normal for them to be clogged worse than in a case of the dry type. Air pollution, bad ecology, dust and different fumes influence terribly on the state of the oily skin. So, it naturally needs to be deeply cleansed about once a week. Removing comedones and blackheads is an important part of the regular cleanse. But it should be performed by all rules, because you can easily harm yourself. Simple derma squeezing in aim to get rid of undesirable pimples and spots may lead to an aggravation of the situation. It is better to visit a professional esthetician for facial, furthermore if you have some skin problems.

It will be also useful if you take care of the face cover at home regularly. Besides removing blackheads, it is necessary to perform scrubbing at least twice a week. It will help to get rid of old cornified skin cells and gloss. It can prevent the appearing of spots and pimples on the face due to an exfoliation of dead derma parts, which block the air and minerals entry.

Using Cosmetics and Remedies

It is important to remember that an oily skin needs to get an appropriate care. It is also related to the cosmetics choosing. A lot of brands produce different remedies and beauty products for such type. But not all of them are really harmless. You should carefully read the information about a consist on the cover. It must not contain any alcohol, a lot of fat or elements, which can cause allergy or fasten the work of sebaceous glands.

While putting on some make-up don’t forget that a base cream also blocks derma cells. So, stop using too much, especially with powder. It won’t matte face but will make your glands produce more fat. It will stay under the make-up causing irritation.

Women with an oily type should always have some matting paper or serviettes to wipe a face. It will help to keep the skin dry and remove the greasiness. To solute such a problem you can use special tonics and lotions few times a day. They are necessary matting and cooling which help, firstly, hide loss and, secondly, slow the activity of glands.

To find the most appropriate and complicated set of products it is more useful to talk with a specialist. In Anna Esthetics Day Spa you will get a comprehensive consultation, after which the cosmetologist will recommend you the suitable course of procedures and remedies to use at home.

Food and Vitamins Impact

All we eat and get from the outsources influence our health. So, junk food and lack of vitamins will make your skin problems return even after treatment. You should support the work of beauty care products with salutary elements, which are contained in vegetables, fish and fruits. Your top products to look perfectly:

  • Boiled or baked fish;
  • White meat;
  • Green vegetables (spinach, broccoli etc.);
  • Lots of water;
  • No sweets.

It is important to eat products full of protein and B2 vitamin. They stabilize the activity of glands and normalize fat producing. It also helps to renew skin cells faster. To keep your derma in a good state, please, avoid eating junk food, tallowy meat or fried dishes. Sweets and alcohol are also harmful and undesirable in your daily ration.

Of course, many vitamins and microelements are contained in food. But in case, if you can’t gather enough, be prepared to get them outsource. For example, you can take pills with vitamins from the A and B groups.

Top Simple Masks, Which You Can Prepare at Home


Egg whites and lemon juice are proven helpers for oily skin. Both ingredients are thought to tighten wide pores and tone cells. The citrus acid from lemons helps absorbing fat. The bad side is that such a combination may lead to allergy and irritations for some people.

To prepare this mask at home you should:

  1. Mix 1 egg white with 1 tsp. of lemon juice;
  2. Apply it on your skin, and wait before it dries;
  3. Remove with not hot water and wipe the face.


Salicylic acid which is contained in tomatoes is useful to heal acne at home. Other acids in this product may help to remove the excess skin oils and clean blocked pores. You can easily tomato mask:

  1. Mix 1 tsp. of sugar with 1 tomato;
  2. Apply on the face cover in a circular motion;
  3. Keep it on for 5-10 min;
  4. Wash the skin after removing.

If you feel an intense tickling or even burning, remove the mask quickly and thoroughly wash off the rest.


Ground almonds not only work to exfoliate your skin, but they also help sop up excess oils and impurities. To use an almond face scrub:

  1. Mix 3 tsp. of grind raw almonds with 2 tbsp. of honey;
  2. Put on your face in circular motions;
  3. Leave the mask on for 10–15 minutes;
  4. Wash it off and dry your face.

If you have an allergy reaction on nuts, please, don’t use this one.

Popular Mistakes: What Shouldn’t You Do?

First of all, you definitely shouldn’t use any remedies which can dry skin cells. They usually consist of acids and alcohol. Remember: if you have an oily type, you don’t have to dry it using lotions or other cosmetics, you only need to refine it and make look healthier. Drying your skin will only lead to fasten the work of glands – they will try to refill and moisturize cells. This will cause even bigger problem with sweating and appearing of blackheads.

Don’t forget that all people are individuals and they may have different reactions on the same ingredients. So never apply the mask before testing it on the small part of your skin. In this way you can prevent allergy. Also, it will be better and easier to consult the esthetician firstly than trying to find an appropriate treatment.

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