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Derma Roller Microneedling or How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Mostly everyone at some parts of his life faces a problem connected with stretch marks appearance. Even though striae doesn’t cause any painful feelings, people want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Statistically it is a common situation for 75% of men and women. So, after effects of skin stretching are natural and occurs a huge group of people. Nevertheless if such marks spoil your life and get you upset, don’t accept the problem! It is better for the self esteem to be sure in your beauty. Let’s discover the best way to remove stretch marks together!

What Are Stretch Marks?

Striae is the general name for all types of stretch marks. There are about four common kinds of them, which are divided by the way of getting. For example, they can appear in connection with weight gain or loss, body growth during the pubertate period and other factors. We get stretches because our skin can’t bear all the changes. We tear dermis during pregnancy or quick weight gain. The elastic fibers are weakened and can’t return to normal as fast as needed. That is why we get tears in the deep skin layer.

After the appearance of stretches they are purple and bright, but through the time scars become less visible and white. Nevertheless even in the faint state we can see marks on thighs, arms or even back (for men). The main problem in their removing is that stretches locate not on the surface, but in the deep skin layers, where topical remedies can’t get without manual penetration. So, let’s discover, is it possible to get rid of white or red lines and which way is the best.

Is It Possible to Remove Marks?

Tears lay deeply in dermis, so it is difficult to get rid of them especially at home. Methods of reducing marks are different for stages of problem. On some start-levels it would be easier, so even slight home ways can be effective. But for old and complicated cases it is useful to see an esthetician for the complex treatment. There are several types of reducing stretches, which you can find on the Internet and forums.

  • Applying external gels and creams. You can face lots of remedies in the beauty shops. They are also widely seen in the TV adds. But are they as super and effective as it is said? As we remember, scars lay inside dermis, so it will be hard for non-invasive remedies to eliminate them. On the pack it is written about ingredients, which stimulate collagen production. Such treatment can only make marks lose their redness quicker, but white lines won’t go away. The similar method is to use oil and vitamin mixture regularly. Sometimes it also helps to fade the color.
  • Plastic surgery or tummy tuck. It is the most expensive way but also not the best. The main problem is its narrowness – you can apply such method only for abdomen zone. Surgery leaves thin small scars, which are slightly visible too, but can tuck the part of skin with stretches.
  • Laser treatment. Modern method, which is not deeply studied. Light bunch penetrates skin cover, making invisible micro wounds and tears. The dermis react on such an influence and start producing collagen actively. This treatment has already helped some people to vanish their stretch marks in several procedures. But the side effects are not so pleasant. The method entails long period of possible painful recovering up to 8 weeks.
  • Derma roller and microneedling. One of the best working method without huge amount of side effects. This way is more affordable and effective than laser or some external remedies. Microneedling is a minimal invasive procedure, so it is better to attend a cosmetologist. But in some start levels of problem it is possible to use derma roller devices for home treatment with shorter needles. Let’s discover how it works!

Work of Derma Roller Microneedling

The special device rolls over the problem zone, while small needles (0.5 – 3.0 mm long) penetrate the epidermis. They break scars in a deep skin layer, where they appear. Our derma react on microscopic tears producing new collagen. The main difference of this method is that it doesn’t damage the top skin layer as much as laser or chemical peels do. So, there will be shorter recovery period. Needles go through the dermis without removing the outer layer. As we discovered earlier, collagen is the protein responsible for elasticity and tightness of our skin. Dermaroller microneedling helps to restart its production naturally, only by our own cells’ forces. While needles cause microscopic tears, our body creates new cells to fill the place.

Standard device for this treatment consists of 200 needles or more. They may be shorter depending on the model. In this case you can use it at home for small and new stretch marks. For old problem or large  area it would be more effective to see an esthetician for standard Micro-needling procedure in our Tampa beauty center. There you can get a complex treatment with professional equipment and numbing remedies. Because of the depth, where needles can get and the amount of micro wounds, it may be a little bit hurtful, so numbing creams are necessary.

Benefits of the Method

We have already mentioned the main benefits, but those are not the only ones. Firstly, microneedling is more affordable than surgery or laser and less complicated procedure. It doesn’t need to remove or deeply damage the outer layer. That is why the recovery period is shorter – from 24 hours to a few days, if your skin is very sensitive. The most important feature of the treatment is that stretch marks will be removed on a cells’ level.

Secondly, needles leave microscopic holes straight into the deep skin layers. It is possible to apply some nourishing and hydrating serums and oils, which components will get inside the derma through such holes. This will enhance the work of derma roller and boost the result.

Another benefit is anatomical: the procedure of microneedling cause the appearance of new capillaries. They deliver blood with fresh oxygen to our cells, nourishing them and making skin color brighter.

Waiting period for visible results

The period, after you will notice visible results may vary, depending on the problem zone, stage and age of marks, amount of procedures and special remedies usage, for example, serum. It is a gradual treatment, which needs patience. For average cases you can see results after 3-5 visits. But to get rid of scars completely you should get one therapy per month during the whole year.

Derma roller microneedling is an effective method to remove stretch marks but expects regular procedures and persistence. We don’t create miracles, we make your body work on you, activating natural biological processes.

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