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10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Bikini or Brazilian Waxing

Hair removal is an integral part in a woman’s life. You can opt for a lot of ways to remove your hair but hair waxing is considered the best and most popular among these methods because it ensures maximum hair removal and keeps you hair free for a longer period of time.

If you are planning on waxing for the first time or have been waxing for a long time now, you will need the following tips to avoid pain or skin irritation and to get the best result after waxing.

1. Exfoliation and Soaking in the Tub Helps

Exfoliation will smooth your skin and eliminate any dry patches or dead skin, improving your waxing experience and results. Soaking in the bath tub will make your hair soft and will be easily removed.

2. Avoiding Caffeine will Help

Avoid drinking coffee before waxing because it makes your skin extra sensitive. You can have your caffeinated beverage after the deed is done or you can drink a decaf one if it is very necessary.

3. Take a Pain Killer Beforehand

Taking a pain killer before waxing can help you feel lesser pain. If you want to be surer you can apply a numbing cream to desensitize your skin. You should avoid using ice foe numbing the area as it closes the pores and makes it difficult to wax the hair.

4. Length of Hair Matters

Your hair should not be too short or too long because it is more painful to remove the hair then. Avoid shaving 2 to 3 weeks prior to Service and don’t trim your hair yourself if you think they are too long.  Leave them to the aesthetician, she will trim them herself if she feels they are too long for waxing.

5. Select the Type of Waxing

It is up to you how much hair you want to be removed. You can choose from:

Bikini line: sides are waxed (panty line) and cross the top.

Bikini full: Takes off as much hair as you want from the front. You can choose to leave a patch of hair if you want.

Bikini Brazilian: Removes hair from the front way to the back with the butt strip included.

6. The Time of the Month

Waxing will be more painful, if you will get your hair waxed after that time of the month. It is because your body is more sensitive to pain due to the hormonal changes in your body.

7. Exposure Can be a Bit Awkward

Your body parts will be more exposed to your aesthetician than you like or are comfortable. But don’t feel awkward because she is a professional and has provided waxing services to a lot of women so it is a routine thing to her. You can decrease you awkwardness by chatting with her, listening to songs or indulging yourself in social media or finishing your emails, whatever makes you more comfortable.

8. The Hair Left behind will Need Tweezing

Don’t be surprised if your aesthetician starts tweezing the remaining stubborn hair. They tell before using the tweezers but if they don’t tell, keep in mind beforehand that this will also happen.

9. Hydrocortisone Cream can Help in Soothing Skin

After waxing, your skin often gets red or irritated. You can use a hydrocortisone cream as a solution for soothing the skin. Also wear loose clothes to let the air pass and for avoiding chaffing and friction.

10. A Little Care Goes a Long Way

To take care of your skin avoid going into the sun or on the beach. You have to give your skin some time. Sun bathing or a beach party is a big no-no because your skin cannot get beach-ready instantly. So wait for a day before you make any plans.

We hope the tips mentioned above will be helpful while you are going for a Bikini or a Brazilian waxing and the experience will be least painful for you.

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