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4 Hands Deluxe Facial with 2 Estheticians


Our Prices

1 Treatment $149

Regular facial treatments are very important for our health and beauty, especially in the world of fumes and pollution. Usually we have a lot of work and problems to deal with, often don’t pay enough attention to our body. Running around and worrying most part of time make the skin state worse, we may get dark circles, dryness, abnormal blood flow, bad pigmentation. As you can see, stress influences our beauty as badly as other physical processes.

At Anna Esthetics we decided to open eyes on this topic. So, we are ready to offer a new skin care and relaxation type of service, which doubles benefits and saves time. Now you can get not only customized facial to rejuvenate the skin, but also an additional relaxation getting hands and feet scrub, massage and paraffin treatment together with the facial.

We discovered that pleasant feelings during the procedure definitely boost and increase the result. That is why we included to our spa treatment with 2 estheticians at the same time! Interested in how the 4 hand procedure works and what are its benefits? We are ready to introduce it!

What Is It?

In your skin care routine you are familiar with regular facial. It is necessary to stay perfect and well maintained. Sometimes we even try to clean the skin at home, squeezing and popping comedones. But in this way we only aggravate the problem. It is important to get the complex treatment when you deal with open pores and exfoliated top layer. Otherwise, aftermaths may be not so pleasant.

As normal facial, this treatment provides deep cleansing and exfoliating. Our aim is to remove dead skin cells, eliminate blackheads, dark spots and other roughnesses, nourish and rejuvenate epidermis. But now we offer the advanced option. While one esthetician performs customized facial, the second one deals with lower body parts: feet and hands.

Massage and body wraps comfort you and provide additional relaxation therapy. Two cosmetologists treat your body at the same time in tandem. Feeling pleasant sensation it is easier to forget about daily routine. While the full body is relaxed any pain or tickling during the procedure will be reduced.

Everyone is unique and has his own features, issues, preferences and concerns. That is why all of us need special individual treatment. Depending on the skin type, all remedies and products used during the procedure are customized. The esthetician will choose the most optimal variant for your skin needs.

What Does Facial With 2 Estheticians Include?

The work for two cosmetologists is divided into parts, where the first performs facial and another one treats your hands and feet. While the face is treated, you feel only pleasant and heating sensation of massage and paraffin therapy.

The first esthetician

This deep facial treatment includes:

  1. proper cleansing;
  2. tone;
  3. aroma steaming to open pores and extract blackheads;
  4. manual exfoliation;
  5. applying a mask (depends on the skin type and needs);
  6. massage for the upper body parts, including face, neck and decollete zone;
  7. oxygen infusion;
  8. nourishing and moisturizing skin with serums and creams;
  9. sunblock.

The second esthetician

The treatment for lower body parts include:

  1. hot towels wraps for feet and hands;
  2. scrubbing with organic products, which don’t dry your skin;
  3. hands and feet relaxing manual massage;
  4. paraffin treatment (25 min of heating therapy, which increase the blood flow to limbs);
  5. applying a moisturizer.


Why Is It Effective?

Regular facial causes anti aging, detoxifying effect, reveal your skin from dead cells and undesirable roughnesses. Improved blood circulation nourish and oxygenate revitalized epidermis, making it smooth and elastic. So, your skin doesn’t look exhausted after a long day.

But facial with the second esthetician makes not only face, but the whole body fresh, rested  and full of energy. You won’t experience unpleasant feelings during the visit because of the relaxing therapy. Methodical movements make you magically sink in pleasure and forget about the routine.


As we have said, everybody has their unique skin, so it is important to inform your esthetician about any allergic reactions you have. We choose optimal products, masks and treatment due to the skin type and condition. It is also necessary to inform the cosmetologist if you have any complicated illnesses, e.x. diabetes, asthma or eczema (on the treating area).

Visit us in our Tampa beauty center to try a new procedure. Love yourself and stay healthy!

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